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here be dragons.
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Anonymous: Well it's okay to be bad so no big deal it cant be helped :p, and i have no idea what situations you get yourself into but i hope you don't come out to hurt! :(

I’m always getting myself into crap situations. :/

Why do I always go from the frying pan into the fire? Metaphorically, of course.. But seriously, I am constantly getting myself into things I want that I know aren’t good for me. Like I know and then I do it anyway.

Anonymous: Ooh a bad girl ;P haha.

It can’t be helped. xD

Anonymous: Oh don't you try to get all innocent on me young missy haha :p

Well, I’m not innocent, so I suppose I shouldn’t pretend. :p 

Anonymous: I may be a butt but you're a cutey with a booty haha ;p I hope you arent sad today as well >: *hugs*

I’m a bit sad, but it’s so nice outside that I can’t help but cheer up! And I can’t help my booty-ness. xD *hugssss* Get off anon, please. *looks at innocently*

Just broke up with the boyfriend and I don’t even careee

What’s it like to be beautiful? I’m sure you know.

I’m just so sad tonight. I don’t know why, just that I am.