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Leaking nudes is a form of sexual assault
Accessing and spreading a woman’s private images without her consent is a form of sexual assault

No it is not sexual assault. By giving images to the receiver, you’re giving ownership as well. Only butthurt women calls it assault cause they’re embarrassed.

this response is trash please stop talking

Only men with no sense of integrity or understanding of empathy would respond something that ignorant. Privacy is privacy. And other peoples’ business is nobody else’s business.




im really pissed that palindrome isnt palindrome backwards

Ah, yes but emordnilap is a word!

An emornilap is any word that, when spelled backwards, produces another word. Examples of emordnilap pairs include:

  • desserts & stressed
  • drawer & reward
  • gateman & nametag
  • time & emit
  • laced & decal
  • regal & lager

And therefore “emordnilap palindrome” is an emordnilap palindrome.

Which I, for one, think is really frickin’ cool.